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Bucks GM has said the Bucks organisation will be offering Giannis Antetokounmpo a super max. 5 years, $240 million.



[–]datway_ 2128 指標 12小時前

If he denies the extension they might as well trade him because he's gone


[–]Bucks ShamirToGoldenDeer 69 指標 12小時前

One year of Giannis is likely worth more than anything they could get back for him in a trade. I’d far prefer an extra season of Giannis over the haul Pels got for AD. Don’t think Giannis is the type to quit on his team even if he doesn’t sign the supermax.


[–]Celtics fatcocksinmybum 56 指標 12小時前

He might not quit but it’s such a a big gamble, it’s either win next season or be mediocre for 5+ years as you wait out Middleton’s new contract.


[–]Bucks ShamirToGoldenDeer 50 指標 11小時前

Team would be mediocre even with an amazing trade haul. I’d rather have one season as an elite team than four as a mid tier playoff team.

Team can rebuild patiently.


[–][TOR] Ed Davis nametakenalready 668 指標 12小時前

Gotta wonder what type of package the Bucks would get for him


[–]LightSkinDarylMorey 12 指標 12小時前

Only Wolves, Hawks, OKC, Suns and maybe Warriors have the asset


[–]datway_ 12 指標 12小時前

I think it also depends on what team he demands to be traded to, if it's the dubs the bucks can get a young all star in D'Lo and a bunch of picks.


[–]vincemcmahonsburner 8 指標 11小時前

Anything not for LeBron, Kawhi, AD, KD, Steph, or Harden, Bucks don’t need to do.


[–][LAL] Brandon Ingram xElectricW 28 指標 10小時前

Not even LeBron or KD, Bron is getting older and KD with a terrible injury. I think the only players worth it there would be Kawhi and AD, maybe Harden and Steph is never gonna get traded


[–]twistedlogicx 44 指標 12小時前

Whatever they can get for him now will probably be the same amount that they can get for him a year before he's a free agent. Teams will pay out the ass for him regardless of how much control he has. Really no need for the Bucks to trade him before they have to.


[–][SAS] Derrick White KuyaJohnny 13 指標 11小時前

there is always the risk of him getting hurt or just getting worse


[–][DET] Dennis Rodman joesteve128 25 指標 11小時前

There's also the risk you don't trade for him and he becomes GOAT caliber because honestly if he gets a 3pt shot he's basically there


[–]Celtics DerelictDonkeyEngine 44 指標 11小時前

Good question, Giannis has to be the single most valuable asset in the league right?


[–][LAL] Brandon Ingram xElectricW 72 指標 10小時前

No doubt, 24 years old, already won an MVP, led his team to the best record in the league and a conference finals spot, hasn’t even reached his prime yet either

If a trade were to happen, it would be a huge haul for the Bucks



[–]Mavericks FOURTY_ONE 43 指標 10小時前

That was D Rose 10 years ago.


[–]Celtics DerelictDonkeyEngine 12 指標 10小時前

He's never had a real injury either as far as I can remember.


[–]Warriors shualton 1888 指標 12小時前

TT, Shump, and nets pick


[–][CLE] LeBron James 5outof7_yes 11 指標 10小時前

That's a bit much tbh


[–][PHX] Deandre Ayton InterspaceAlien 110 指標 11小時前

The AD package is a pretty good idea of where it would start


[–]Bucks ShamirToGoldenDeer 137 指標 11小時前

I wouldn’t accept that if I’m the Bucks. I would let Giannis play out his contract over that. One season of Giannis does more for championship odds than four firsts or and some solid starters.


[–][MIL] Ish Smith wisconsinpackers 117 指標 11小時前

It’s such a tough place to be in tho. We might roll w him for a year and bomb out in the playoffs vs having one of the bigger hauls in NBA history. If Giannis says he for sure isn’t coming back I’d probably trade him to whoever offers us the most


[–]Bucks ShamirToGoldenDeer 46 指標 11小時前

I mean, the team has bombed out in the playoffs all but once. Actually winning it all is really hard, Bucks could go decades without ever getting as good as they were last season again.


[–]teerude 13 指標 9小時前

Yeah but lebron isn't in the east anymore, I'd there is anytime it would be now.


[–]Lakers Pardonme23 38 指標 10小時前

The bucks GM already showed he's scared by giving Bledsoe and Middleton too much money.


[–][MIL] Tony Snell Gups333 19 指標 9小時前

Midds is definitely an overpay, but the bledsoe contract is solid. He just has a playoff hurdle to get over, just like the team as a whole does


[–]Bucks th3RYLO 17 指標 9小時前

Tbf, there was no one else on the market that was anywhere near as good as Middleton that the Bucks could've realistically signed


[–]mannyonate 22 指標 9小時前

Giannis also has talked about how he wants to keep playing with those guys as well so ya gotta figure that helps chances of resigning vs hurting


[–]Lakers Pardonme23 44 指標 9小時前

I remember LMA quotes about how he wanted to be a Blazer forever too.



[–]Pistons Knutt_Bustley 1448 指標 12小時前*

$50 mil a year, damn. That's higher than the entire salary cap was in 2006


[–]abrahamban 60 指標 10小時前

Just think about this. Each regular season game he plays, he will get about $600k each game. Just think about that. Fuck


[–]Nugur 106 指標 9小時前

If you think he’s rich, imagine the person paying him.


[–]neurotido 578 指標 10小時前

Fun fact: MJ was paid more than the combined salary of ~half the teams in some of his years


[–]Bucks DeltronCero 334 指標 10小時前

Which, to put into context, was really only the result of years and years of being underpaid. The vast majority of his career MJ was making less than $5 million a year, and less than a surprising number of teammates.


[–]asspow 275 指標 9小時前

He signed an 8 year 25 million dollar deal in 1988. 3.825 million per year. He kinda played himself there.


[–]views22 92 指標 8小時前

nothing compared to how pippen played himself. signed a 6 year extension during the '88 season worth a whopping 5 million.

his team quickly became an international phenomenon and NBA revenues and salaries quicky skyrocketed



[–]Pistons AsteroidMiner 33 指標 5小時前

Do you remember how cheap house prices were back then?


[–]Rockets JamesHardenFuckMe 453 指標 12小時前

I thought they were gonna let him walk in FA


[–]Warriors Deusselkerr 258 指標 10小時前

Vet min on the warriors? Steph/Dlo/Klay/Giannis/Dray could be an okay team...


[–]Celtics zkool20 102 指標 9小時前

I mean they may be a fringe playoff team right?!?


[–][GSW] Kevon Looney zoomshoes 56 指標 9小時前

7th or 8th seed in a loaded West, yeah.


[–]Warriors Deusselkerr 23 指標 9小時前

Really, I think this team with a college bench wins the chip lol



[–]Nets ThatDudeThatWasRude 26 指標 11小時前

This is my shocked face


[–]Chicago WhiteCocks 853 指標 12小時前

If he doesn’t sign this, expect the small market teams to cause a lockout.


[–]Rockets coolusername56 25 指標 11小時前

Small market teams should pursue getting rid of max contracts. The max contract is the dumbest thing in the NBA and is the reason that a lot of superteams are able to exist in the NBA today. Why would a star player want to go to a place like Milwaukee when they can go to LA and play for the same amount of money?


[–]Raptors The_Natural_Log 451 指標 12小時前

I don't get it. You can't force someone to stay in any city. After a certain amount of money, its not worth it. Stars at his level are already gonna be wealthy and set up for generations. After a certain point, your happiness is not something you can buy.


[–]Knicks Fmbounce 172 指標 11小時前

Of course you can’t force anyone to stay but it does not seem like Giannis is concerned about market size but moreso winning a championship.

There should be better incentives in place to get stars to stay. One reason Giannis would leave is because of the roster the Bucks can afford around him with a maxed out Middleton.



[–]Raptors DrunkenMasterII 38 指標 9小時前

Signing Middleton for the max was a mistake.


[–]Bucks swapmeetpete 98 指標 8小時前

It wasn’t. I know this gets said a lot, but the Bucks has no choice. They couldn’t afford to sign anyone else near his talent level if they didn’t re-sign him, and he and Giannis are friends. For the same reason the Bucks signed Thanasis, even if it helps 1% in making Giannis stay, it’s worth it.


[–]Poopcie 487 指標 12小時前

If he signs this Kris Middleton will be the best player he's ever going to play with.


[–]anakin-dickstroker 13 指標 7小時前

He will waste his time if he stay there for another 5 years.


[–][MIL] Khris Middleton thefred_mcgriff 89 指標 12小時前

He hasn’t even signed it and it’s still true now so not much would change


[–]Bucks DamienSalvation 10 指標 11小時前

Trades exist


[–]TFTisbetterthanLoL 33 指標 9小時前

Who the hell is tryna trade for a max contract Middleton lmao



[–]Raptors Jiffyyy 72 指標 12小時前

If bucks dont make something happen this year I feel next year would be even harder if KD is healthy and other teams making moves. I can see him leaving if they dont make the finals.


[–]laptoptoss 12 指標 9小時前

Atlanta is gonna go hard after him


[–]TFTisbetterthanLoL 17 指標 9小時前

Imagine the Trey and Giannis pick and roll


[–]Raptors FlameOfWar 124 指標 12小時前

Giannis is entering the same contract situation that Anthony Davis was in. The supermax could only be offered the year before the player's a free agent, so AD let the Pels know he's not going to sign it to allow them to trade him that trade deadline.

If the Bucks don't look too promising in the regular season, would Giannis do the same? If they flop in the playoffs and he doesn't want to sign the extension, will he get traded?


[–]Pistons Knutt_Bustley 46 指標 12小時前

Why is everyone assuming he's leaving lol

Did he not just make the conference Finals at 24?



[–]Bucks legendaryalchemist 12 指標 11小時前

Everyone that isn't a Bucks fan wants him to leave.


[–]Raptors realsomalipirate 12 指標 10小時前

I don't think it's anything against the Bucks but that player movement is very exciting for neutrals.


[–]Raptors SingaporeanSlaw 108 指標 12小時前

Lebron made the ECF at 22/23 years old, he left when he turned 25.

It’s the NBA, anything can happen lol


[–][DEN] Nikola Jokic BigHoneySniper 39 指標 11小時前

That is insane to think about...I turned 25 this past August...I should take my talents to South Beach.


[–]Raptors SingaporeanSlaw 17 指標 11小時前

You should start watching your receding hairline too /s


[–]Lakers antony1197 7 指標 7小時前

To be fair the Cavs next best player in those days was fucking Andy Varejao. Giannis has a decent roster surrounding him. Very different situations.


[–]Rockets KingNephew 43 指標 12小時前*

He cares a ton about his family, I think he stays cause the Bucks are elite but more so because his family should be secure for generations to come.

Edit: Didn’t mean his family won’t be set, but there’s a big difference between $100 million and $300 million plus in career earnings.



[–]Greece NickIzMe 75 指標 11小時前

His family will be secure for generations regardless, no family needs 300 million to be secure





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